About me

Maria Shcherbinina was born in an artistic family in Moscow in 1965. She studied painting at the Moscow University of Design, the famous institute founded by Sergei Stroganov. The school retained much of the influence of Lissitzky, Kandinsky and Malevich, all of who had transformed it in the 1920s (when it was known as the Vkhutemas-Vkhutein, or Higher Technical and Artistic School).

After her graduation she was soon exhibiting her work in some famous Russian galleries like the Central House of Artist and the House of Artist in Kusnetsky Most, 11. Later, in 2000 she started exhibiting her works in foreign galleries. Now she is a regular exhibitor at the reputable Medici Gallery in Cork Street, London, and has contributed to a number of group shows in the Oriel and other galleries in Ireland and the UK.

Working in her studio in Russia, Maria Sherbinina has an amazing ability to see and paint scenes that make the viewer feel happy and serene. She has a special way of combining color and light in her plein air still lifes and landscapes. Each one is an "I really want to be there" painting.